U.S.A senator:America should "severely punish" China for COVID-19


During an exclusive interview with Fox News on Wednesday, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., promised to discover the Facts behind the origins of the novel coronavirus and to Maintain China and the World Health Organization (WHO) accountable for their mishandling of This outbreak.

Scott, who serves on the Homeland Security Committee of the Senate, discussed the probe he will be contributing and pledged to come up with answers which will help guide governmental decisionmaking into the future.

“We have failed to phone out China for who they are — phone out these worldwide organizations for who they are, and you also see Democrats out there hoping to safeguard the WHO. It is the craziest thing in the world,” he said. “This is a team that stated there wasn’t a local transmission once they understood that there was. So we’re doing an investigation. I so I will direct the investigation of the WHO. We are going to find out what was their inaugural strategy, didn’t follow the pandemic plan, and if they capture different advice from what they put out.”

The WHO has been criticized for being an apologist for the Chinese authorities through the pandemic and confronted backlash within a January discussion that cited China officials that claimed there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.

Scott maintained the agency is in China’s pocket and stated the U.S. has neglected to put adequate pressure on its leaders. Then he vowed to discover if the virus was made in a laboratory, how it spread, and which essential players are responsible for the hundreds of thousands.

“[The WHO] doesn’t have our interests in mind. They’re only a parrot to the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “And it does not appear that anything we’re doing has had some effect on the WHO yet. They have not changed anything. I don’t presume Tedros [Adhanom Ghebreyesus] feels any pressure.

“From what I understand as I have been studying about the WHO, they had specialized information which they did not put out publicly,” Scott added. “We will determine whether the virus has been made, whether it was released. Over time we’ll figure out that. But the fact is, if it came from the wet market or whether it came from the lab, the oddest thing is they intentionally did not tell the world and look at what has occurred.”

For expelling journalists from the country to restrict fact-finding, china has confronted condemnation in late months. Additionally, it has been accused of interfering with individuals who tried to sound the alarm about COVID-19’s effectiveness in a leaked dossier compiled by the so-called”Five Eyes” intelligence alliance.

The dossier claims China intentionally concealed or destroyed evidence of the outbreak to obfuscate its source, denied international organizations access to reside samples for a vaccine and social media accounts to maintain.

“We all know the Chinese numbers do not seem to be accurate in any way,” Scott told Fox News. “We must remember — every time that I talk about China I say, remember it is Communist China, run from the Communist Party of China. Do not ever forget who they are. You may have friends that live in China, but they aren’t the ones running the Nation. The Nation runs. They’re anti-American, and they make these choices, they desire world domination. They’re not a rival; they are an adversary now.”

By simply refusing to engage in commerce as for holding China accountable for its role in the pandemic,” Scott explained the most great way Americans could hit is.

“The biggest thing we can do is stop purchasing their things,” he continued. “They all steal our jobs, they take our new technologies, and they’ve intentionally caused an issue that’s killing American jobs, killing Americans and Europeans and people all over the world.

“So I believe that the greatest thing we can do is make certain Americans stop purchasing their merchandise. And it’s a twofer because then we help construct our economy up by bringing production back here.”

The former Florida company plans to introduce laws that will increase the transparency of online vendors by making them reveal the source of their goods, and help lessen the U.S. market’s dependence on China because of its stockpile.

“Last year I did a statement that I’m optimistic will get passed. It’s called the PRIME Act,” Scott stated. “Which says that if you’re an internet reseller, then you have got to disclose where things are made. I think that could be interesting to customers since they’re very fed up with Communist China. On top of this, I’ve got a bill that claims we are not likely to rely upon China again. We’re likely to have a stockpile and also the capability to creep up products for the next outbreak. I believe I have a fantastic shot for both of those passed.”

He has been from to help countries get to who’s to blame and to determine how the world ought to move from here.

“It’s [China’s] fault that all these individuals died. They attempted to give a few masks to people — things such as this and said,’Oh we’re good individuals.’ Well, their government is not [good],” Scott added. “Their government intentionally killed a great deal of people around the globe with their lack of transparency. They’ll try to behave like the man. They will hand ventilators out not or whether they work, possibly a few sprays. But here’s the favorable — One thing I am attempting to do is make sure each Nation is currently saying the identical something.

“Let us get the facts on the WHO,” he continued. “Let us get the facts on where this was created. We can make good decisions. So I have been talking to ambassadors throughout the world. And I’m not telling them that they should conclude. I’m saying, get the details and then use the facts to decide about how you protect your state and how you help people protect the world.”

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