Trump's idea to defeat Coronavirus: Doctor's response


Donald Trump speculated press briefing that cleaning items could be explored as injectable therapy for coronavirus — prompting medics, for example, government advisors, to jump in and explain it is to administer disinfectant intravenously.

Mr. Trump breathed out loudly how family products proven to kill the coronavirus could work in the body. “I find that disinfectant, in which it rips out it in a minute, 1 minute. And can there be away? By nearly, or injection indoors a cleaning?

“Because you see, it gets in the lungs and does a huge variety around the lungs, so it might be interesting to look at that. So you are going to need to work with medical doctors… so that it seems intriguing to me personally.”

The reaction was swift.

FDA commissioner Dr.tephen Hahn, that himself sits on the government’s coronavirus told CNN he”wouldn’t suggest the inner ingestion of some disinfectant”; on the same discussion panel, Baltimore health commissioner cautioned viewers: “Don’t try these things in your home, and then follow your doctor’s advice and follow great public health guidance.”
A politically active physician with a sizable networking following, dr Eugene Gu, tweeted bluntly that “Injecting disinfectant into your own body will destroy you.

“While it seems utterly unnecessary to even say this, people drank fish tank cleaner comprising chloroquine because of what they heard in rumors about the material. We have to fight lethal misinformation no matter how stupid.”

Dr. Gu’s reference fish tank cleaner concerns that an Arizona man who died after he and his wife drank chloroquine, which they assessed for hydroxychloroquine — a drug sharply pushed as a remedy by Mr. Trump along with Fox News. Both resources have pivoted away from the medication since the launch of a study that revealed no positive effect.
Dr. Gu lasted in another tweet. “Clorox, Tide Pods, and Lysol will destroy the coronavirus. No question about it. But if you are infectedthen the coronavirus is within your cells. If you utilize any of those disinfectants to destroy the coronavirus in your own cells, then you will die right in addition to the coronavirus.”

Many ototheroctors and nurses chimed in on social networking, using the. One commented that her nine-year-old child knows that disinfectants are toxic.
Along with musing on the possibility of injecting cleaning products, Mr.Trump noted that there are indications the virus can’t survive long in lead susunlightnd speculated that UV rays could be employed to eradicate the virus in your system –“assuming you attracted the light inside the body, either through the skin another way”.

Dr.Birx responded: less a therapy.”

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