The second wave of coronavirus may hit this winter - but trump denies it

Trump denies it second wave

THE Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s manager confirmed his warning that a harsher second tide of coronavirus could surface this winter – despite Donald Trump claiming”it might not return at all.”

Dr. Robert Redfield was attracted to the White House Wednesday to back Trump’s complaints about a Washington Post article, where he called coronavirus would hit America a second-time next winter.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield confirmed remarks he made to the Washington Post about a deadlier coronavirus wave hitting the US this winterCredit: AFP or licensors

Trump whined about the newspaper’misquoting’ Redfield and slammed the interview as fake news’ WednesdayCredit: Alamy Live News

Although Redfield said the headline was inaccurate, he confirmed the quotation in the Post post was right.

“Next fall and winter, we are likely to need to differentiate between which is influenza and which is coronavirus – the spirit of the remark that I made is more difficult,” he told reporters at a coronavirus press briefing.

“It does not mean it’s impossible, it doesn’t mean it’s likely to be worse, it’s going to be harder because we have to distinguish between both.”

The newspaper headline reads: “CDC director warns the second tide of coronavirus is likely to be even more devastating.”

Another wave of the coronavirus Together with the flu could be ‘difficult’, the CDC director told the PostCredit: The Mega Agency

Trump lashed out in a reporter around Redfield’s words, saying:’That is not exactly what he said ‘Credit: Alamy Live News

“I think that it’s really important to emphasize what I did not say,” Redfield clarified.

“I didn’t say that this was likely to be worse, I said it was likely to be more difficult and potentially complicated because we’ll have influenza and coronavirus circulating at the same moment.

Trump lashed out in a reporter who re-read the Article headline regarding Redfield to him, saying: “That is not what he stated.”

“It may not return whatsoever. He’s talking about a worst-case scenario in which you have the significant flu and you have any corona,” additional Trump.

Redfield’s clarification directly contradicted the president, who complained that the physician was misquoted by the”fake news websites “

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump’s fuming media secretary Kayleigh McEnany ignored stories about another wave of coronavirus hitting the US in fall as”fake news”
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany disregarded the CDC director’s warning as fake news’Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Redfield was referring to the flu in his comments, not the coronavirus, she claimed credit: Reuters

She downplayed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention manager’s warning – while insisting he had been”misquoted” and was really referring to”the flu.”

In a White House press briefing, she stated that having only spoken with the manager,” he had been quite clear and saying,’ look we might have flu re-emerge at the autumn, all Americans have to venture out and get their flu shots’ – which was the thrust of his comments.

“But, leave it to the media to really take those out of circumstance “

Kayleigh McEnany was discovered that the words about the coronavirus of Redfield had been removed from the context

The Post defended its story and its source, stating: “Trump’s pushback highlights the president’s see-no-evil strategy to the coronavirus outbreak”.

It pointed out that the CDC director himself”promoted” his Article narrative via Twitter.

Redfield along with other public health authorities credit drastic stay-at-home orders and widespread business and school closings throughout the country for slowing the spread of infections.

Donald Trump blamed’ news’ concerning the second wave on CNN – but it was copying quotations from The Washington Post’s pieceRedfield himself encouraged’ his Post meeting on Twitter, the newspaper said credit: AFP or licensors

Authorities need to get ready for a probable resurgence in the months ahead as the present outbreak continues to cut off, as revealed by a recent decline in hospitalization rates along with other signs.

“We are going to have the flu outbreak and the coronavirus epidemic at the same time,” Redfield said.

This combination would put a strain on the first outbreak on the country’s health care system.

Other and Redfield health authorities credit extreme stay-at-home orders and prevalent business and school closings across the nation for slowing the spread of infections.
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talks to reporters media outside the White House in Washington DC, April 22Credit: Alamy Live News

While projecting at least 22 million people from work over the previous four 23, but the restrictions also have stifled trade.

A coalition of Southern States has been pushing despite fears a wave could be worse.

FDA chief Dr. Stephen Hahn stated last week that the US has been”very close to its own coronavirus peak” as a model showed a second wave would end next March.

Experts and officials have said tentatively the portions of the country may be able to begin to open in June and May.

Dr. Robert Redfield tweeted about the Post’s article on his anxieties about a coronavirus ‘next wave’

The CDC boss considers the killer bug pandemic is the worst to strike the US’within 100 years’

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