Coronavirus new York: Hart Island became a burial site for the dead of Covid-19


New York City will freeze the bodies of Covid-19 sufferers instead of burying them on Hart Island, the city burial ground for bodies.

The initiative was put in place to alleviate the strain on funeral homes and hospitals, both of which have observed a rise in bodies on account of the amount of deaths in the book virus.

As the amount of instances in the city tipped 142,000 along with the death toll reached 10,977, the statement was made by Even the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Opting to suspend the bodies for the time being rather than performing momentary burials would make it possible for their victims’ families to make time to make arrangements. Because of an ordinance forbidding huge gatherings, households chose to hold off funerals or have chosen for services that were intimate.

The bodies now in temporary morgues and trucks out hospitals would be moved to freezer according to the town’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Even the Air Force Mortuary Affairs will help in transferring the bodies.

This decision comes after the city ignited a backlash when movies and photos surfaced of a large trench.

Individuals expressed concern the trench was to get”mass burials” of Covid-19 victims.
“The images of our fellow New Yorkers being buried on Hart Island are catastrophic for many of us. I want to make certain everybody knows what they’re seeing and what’s actually occurring on Hart Island,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement in the moment. “Rememberthese are individual beings. These are neighbours we’ve lost”

The mayor went on to state there were no plans for any”mass burial” on Hart Island to account for those who have expired during the pandemic. Instead, anyone buried there could be”treated with dignity”.

“We do not expect temporary burials around Hart Island except for the unclaimed,” he added.

New York City has since affirmed bodies would be suspended over any burials. However, the Covid-19 victims who aren’t claimed by loved ones could be buried on Hart Island.

The island, located at the western end of Long Island Sound, has been used from the town for the last 150 years as a public cemetery and is managed by the department of corrections.

Individuals buried around the island are”since their identity is still unknown at the time of the death and a next of kin could not be located to organize for burial solutions, since the individual’s family could not afford burial expenses, or because the person’s family preferred their loved one is buried on Hart Island”, as stated by the government’s website.

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